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Promoting the amplification of good  by delivering brand support through public relations, marketing and photography services.

Meet Vanessa, prettysocialATL founder:

I am a driven, passionate, connector of people. I have dedicated myself to helping people and brands bolster their positions in the mind of their target audience because I am naturally a helper and a doer with a creative approach to storytelling. In my free time, I enjoy good food with friends, travel and concerts.


What is PR?

PR (Public Relations) is about visibility. The role of a publicist is increase their clients exposure through various activities to secure story coverage.

“A publicist is your spokesperson, connector, person who helps you get your message to the masses in a way that will affect your bottom line. “

Who needs a publicist?

Its time to bring in a PR professional if:

  1. You have a new product, project, or event you’re looking to launch
  2. You have already built up a following of clients or fans
  3. You are receiving inquiries but you’re not sure if everything is a good fit for you and your brand
  4. You want to take it to the next level and expand your coverage
  5. You have the time and money


Press kits

Press releases

Media pitching


Consultative services aimed at developing ROI-focused strategies that deliver measurable business impact.