Your destination for all things happening in Atlanta.

We know there are plenty of online destinations for “Things To Do in Atlanta” but prettysocialATL is different. Our directory was built around the key questions you ask when trying to make plans…

What is there to do in this area of town on this specific day at this time of day?

We’ve gotten plenty of calls from friends who happen to be in town for the weekend or on a random Tuesday… “I’m in Buckhead. Where can we go for dinner? Where should we go out for live music? Any good brunch recommendations? Do they have bottomless mimosas?”

Knowing that a location exists is one thing, knowing if it has what you’re looking for before you get there is another. Welcome to the directory with the answers to your real questions.

Meet Vanessa, prettysocialATL founder:

I am a driven, passionate, connector of people. I have dedicated myself to helping people and brands bolster their positions in the mind of their target audience because I am naturally a helper and a doer with a creative approach to storytelling. Helping people is how we ended up with this directory!

In my free time, I’m always on the hunt for good food with friends, my next travel destination and the hottest concerts. Be sure to check out the v. renee agency for all of your brand support needs – public relations, marketing, event management, professional photography and more.